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Not mine...I only wish I was that creative and good at drawing.

Have a look , its guaranteed to make you smile. Show the artist some luv.

Spock In A Pile Of Tribbles
by CameronKobe on deviantART

A Vulcan Walks into a Bar

 Title: A Vulcan Walks into a Bar.

Author: Linstock

Code: Spock/Uhura, TOS

Rating: M

Type: Humour, Romance

Beta Credit: SpockLikesCats

Warnings: Beware…here be fluff.


Summary:  A Vulcan walks into a bar.  Nyota Uhura intends to find out why.






Daisy Wreath

Title: Daisy Wreath

Author: Linstock

Code: Spock/Uhura, ST2009

Rating: G

Type: Fan art

Beta Credit: SpockLikesCats


Summary: Thewatcherobserves  is writing a new fic "Times That Bond" (watch her Fan Fiction.net  site!) . She invited me do an illustration and sent me a selection of exerts to choose from.  The scene below appealed to me. I like the mental picture of Spock and the daisy wreath and thought I share it with everyone. Below is a snippet from the story….Nyota and Spock visit a garden (read the fic to find out why and where) and ...

Continuing Glimpses

 Title: More Glimpses 

Chapter  3: Continuing Glimpses

Author: Linstock

Code:  Spock/Uhura

Rating: T

Type: Romance, angst, humour, smut and all points in between

Warnings: None


Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek, the characters, or profit in from this writing.


Summary: A collection of drabbles written using LJ Spock/Uhura group’s prompt table two.

A/N: These drabbles aren’t related to each other or any other story, so don’t be surprised if one seems at odds with another. While they mostly focus on Spock and Nyota, there are a few that focus on just one of the pair. 

Each drabble is exactly 100 words.

A Quiet Moment.

Title: A Quiet Moment
Artist: Linstock
Beta: SpockLikesCats
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Just for the love ...not the money
A new digital "painting" to complete a series of  three private Spock Nyota moments: "Yin Ying Kiss", "Sleeping" and "A Quiet Moment".

I tried to make these belong together by using the same "close in" view and toning . This picture is a blend of photomanipulation and digital painting done in Photoshop using a wacom bamboo graphic tablet  As before there is no story associated with this...but if anyone feels like writing something I'd be very pleased. 

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Title: Sleeping
Artist: Linstock
Pairings: Spock/Uhura
Characters : Spock,Uhura
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Beta: SpockLikesCats

I do not own Star trek or any of the characters.  I do not make any profit from this work.
Summary: Spock taking a moment to watch the women he loves as she sleeps.
A/N: This is a digital "painting", there is no accompanying story ....if you feel inspired write one why not  post it a a comment or add the link here? I'd love to read it.

My aim was to create a picture showing Spock taking a moment to watch the women he loves as she sleeps. Perhaps they are on different shifts and he has just come in, maybe he is rising to leave and thinks it illogical to disturb her rest to say goodbye...

I am using digital painting more and more, moving away from straight photo manipulations; its a steep learning curve. I'd love to hear your comments. Did I do the subject matter justice? Does the picture convey a sense of their connection?

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Morning Light

 I thought Spock and Nyota had a rough couple of days during Into Darkness and deserved some quiet time together in the morning light. This is a digital painting , heavily referenced (because I can't draw ). This, and my other  pics, are on Deviant art  linstock.deviantart.com/

Thumbnail ML

Full sized pic below. 

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Yin Yang Kiss

A digital "painting"  of a quiet  intimate moment between Spock and Uhura.

Full sized image click here...Collapse )And some icons if anyone is interested.

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Title: The Unanticipated Consequences of a Gift.

Author: Linstock
Code: Spock/Uhura, ST2009
Rating: PG
Type: Humour (... really? All right it’s probably Crack), light romance.
Warnings: None.
Summary: In which we learn how a tradition begins, McCoy and Kirk collude and Spock comes to understand the illogical human expression "they'll never let you hear the end of this". (McCoy, Kirk and Spock/Uhura.)

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Title: Aaja Nachle - Dance With Me

Characters: Spock/Uhura, Gaila, OCs

Rating: PG

Type: Romance.

Illustrator: Linstock

Warnings: None.

Summary: Uhura’s talent for dancing possesses Spock’s … thoughts.

 This lovely story was written by the incomparable SpockLikesCats.  To read it in plain text  visit www.fanfiction.net/s/8939640/1/Aaja-Nachle-Dance-With-Me
To see the illustrated magazine version (reminded!) visit here issuu.com/linstock/docs/dance_mj_final